So today is my birthday.

And it’s not that I expect a small, passive crowd of strangers to feel compelled to celebrate that with me, but if you were feeling randomly generous, I love Amazon gift credit I can make a really good recommendation: please consider becoming a regular donating member of the Lakota People’s Law Project. They do some amazing work on some extremely important issues that are close to my heart.

You can commit to as little as $2 for as few as 6 months - that’s just $12, less than the price of the two or three beers we might share if you were taking me out on the town!

So whether you want to congratulate me on one score and six years of life, need some karmic kudos, or you know, just like supporting good causes, here’s your opportunity!

I tell you what, actually, for everyone who does donate, I myself will contribute $1 in a lump-sum one-time donation, on top of my own regular giving! Just let me know you’ve done it, maybe screen-shot the thank-you confirmation email and put it in a reblog or something.

For every note this post gets, I will donate $.01. So if you can’t donate yourself, I’ll do so on your behalf as long as you please like and reblog this message to spread it further.

On Nov. 1 I will make another post announcing the total.

(With any luck we’ll go a tiny bit viral and I’ll be committed to donating loads, in which case I reserve the right to delay donating until I’ve saved the full amount. I’ll add another $1 for every month I put it off!)


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